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Balanced Diet




Are you fed up of eating unhealthy? Do you know that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in your brain and cause negative moon swings along with noticeable dips in energy? If you want to change that you can choose this meal plan!

What will you get if you choose this plan?

  • Balanced Diet that will protect your body agains certain types of disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obese
  • Specially selected foods for your body that will give it the fuel it needs to manage your energy level
  • Meal plan with lots of nutrients that will increase blood flow to your brain and will protect your brain cells from diseases
  • Correcting nutrient deficiencies with boosting your immune system
  • Balanced Diet that will contribute to your body weight
  • Balanced Diet that will give you good opportunity to enrich your life by experimenting with different foods and different ways to prepare them
  • You will receive 1 month meal plan with easy, tasty and satisfying food recipes that you will love
  • You will have Private Online support, motivation and encouragement throughout your plan directly from MelMade when you need it most


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