Meatballs Soup

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I invited my friends to come over for lunch. I sat at the table with my shopping list, and I was wondering what should I make for them. I know that they all like meatballs, but I didn’t want to cook something they have already tried, like pasta meatballs or meatballs with a tomato sauce. I wanted to cook something new, fresh and healthy. This is why I decided to do soup, it’s, quite a risky decision because not all people like soups. Some people can eat everything you give to them, but my friends are not from those people, some of them are quite fussy. When they came over, I told them that they are going to have soup for lunch. Some of them were a bit disappointed; I can say that by the way they looked. However, this story had a happy end for me as a cooker and for my friends, who loved the soup. Most of them even asked for a second bowl; that is such music to my ears.

If you want to try the soup I recorded a video, I think it’s going to be easier for you, if you watch how I made it, rather than reading the recipe.

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