I have spent many years trying to find where the balance between healthy eating and happy mind is. The first step of this exciting journey was to understand the way our mind works in order to discover what makes up happy. This is one of many reasons I spent three years at University studying Psychology. This degree significantly helped me to get to know people’s emotions in more depth. I learned how our minds, behaviour and brain work but I was still missing something – I couldn’t explain to myself how the food we eat could affect our emotions. This is how my desire to understand the holistic human system took me to my next stop.

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Holistic Nutrition

I had started analysing the patterns of my diet prior to my degree and soon I realised that my way of eating was deficient in several essential nutrients. It was not surprising that my mind suffered at that time. That is when everything clicked.

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I always thought that a little bit of everything would not have a harmful effect on my body and emotions. Now I realise that even small amounts of processed food can alter the chemical balance in my brain and can cause negative mood swings and dips in energy levels. I started experimenting in the kitchen, adding a variety of new diverse ingredients and relying on home cooked meals because that was the only way I could ensure the quality of “fuel” I put in my body.

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Today, I eat more than before; my body looks better than before and I feel happier than ever. It is always hard to find the balance, especially when it comes to eating. I believe that the balance is in what you eat when you eat it, how much and who you are eating with. All of this will inevitably influence the way you look, feel and think.

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